Kondarangi Hills

a Huge Linga


One of the most heart wondering secret is that during British rule in our country, they came into the decision to develop a blueprint to resolve back the original borders of a place when if it was distorted by an earthquake, and  here one of the considerable phenomena is that the blueprint consists of three access point to detect the distorted places and these are located at Kodaikanal hills, another one in Tirumala hills and finishing point is  at Kondarangi hills .Which is locally named as Malliswar hills. This framework done by British is named as Triangle survey. This survey is found to be useful to make a report for the measurements of  newland  in TamilNadu  if it was affected by severe Earthquake.  

Then the next foremost speciality is that, by joining two hands together we will  get good earth’s vibration. Therefore for that reason we used to pray god by joining the hands in pyramid format, as this as a reference our hill Kondarangi is also in pyramid form naturally, which resembles that it will surely shower us with infinite number of positive vibes and this was scientifically proved. 

This place features as a preeminent site for bare-skinned meditation which is mostly undertaken by maharishis.This place has also had badged as a point which had been carved by Pancha Pandavas to worship Lord Shiva. This place gives more than thousands of vibrations that we can receive through the meditation  done in Haridwar. The temple has a Cave where Sidhhars and Thavasis have done meditation. There is also another temple located in the foothills known as Ketti Malleswarar Sri Bhramaramba Temple.

Temple Worship Timing

Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is open from

06:00 to 13:00


16:00 to 18:00

Temple Highlights

Hill has a steep Conical shape and it is about 1165.86 meters (3825 Feet) high.

A very wonderful Rock cut Temple on the top where Lord Shiva showers his blessings.